Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just messing...

I have been waiting for a sunny day to go to the park and get some good pictures of the boys, finally it came.  We didn't have much time to play and explore, but we the boys had fun, and mama got tons of pictures.  We went to the rose garden in the park, to bad the roses weren't all bloomed yet, but it was still so pretty and there were lots of things for the boys to see and they even got a sniff of a  rose, and Dylan got to feel the rose bush.  I had daddy line them up under a trellis walkway to have them walk towards me so I could get a really sweet shot of them, well Mr. Dylan tripped and grabbed a hold of a rose bush, YIKES.  It wasn't as bad as it could have been, and he didn't fuss to much, but the poor thing got a couple of scrapes.   The picture that I am sharing with you is of them walking along, and thinking of climbing, a fountain.  The reason I chose this spot is not only because it is a really beautiful place, but when Ethan was little we took him here for a day of picture taking.  I have some cute pictures of him sitting on top of this very fountain, and playing in this area.  It is to bad I don't have them on digital to share them as well, they are so similar. 
I loved watching the boys run and play here, I hate our yard and the park where we live is far from pretty.  So it was really great to just let them run and play and get awesome pics from every angle, with no ugliness in the background. 

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