Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ethan does not have many pictures on here so I will throw this one in. Why you ask, well he is 10 and has way more important things to do than hang around letting mom get cute pics of him. He is usually off playing football or baseball with his friends while the babies are posing for pics in the park. One day they will play with each other more, I can't wait. He is a great big brother to his little brothers. I am so proud of the way he is with them and the sweet things he says. The best thing ever he has said was a conversation we had about when they all get older and the relationship that they will have. I told him that I hope that they would be the best of friends and do lots of things together, even after they all have families ( I know so many years away), he looked at me and said "oh we will mom", like duh mom how else would it be. I can only hope that is how it all works out for my three wonderful boys.
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