Thursday, September 8, 2011


We love May, gorgeous weather and BIRTHDAY time!!! Digging in flower pot fun and fishing fun pictures with daddy!!! Birthday post to come next!

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Here is my Easter update! Just some pictures of the twins hunting eggs. We do a big family hunt with plastic eggs and candy, but then we did a little hunt with just mommy, daddy, and big brother with real eggs that we dyed. Oh my they smashed them as fast as they hunted them, and the dog was right there below them to snab up all the egg crumbs. Short and sweet once again, just getting caught up here.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Strike a Pose...

Just a couple of close-ups I found. Funny you can see their personalities shine through in pictures. Dylan (top) is such a serious lil' guy, and Ashton is such a flirt.
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Getting Caught Up...

Where oh where do I begin? I guess I will pick up in March with a few of the pictures I found. Here March is the beginning of nice weather so we try to get out as much as we can, getting out comes with running wild toddlers so we are limited on where we can go. Near us there is a historical site that is nothing but trees and grass with lots of open space to run and explore. There are tons of wild turkeys and peacock wandering around so one of our games is feather hunting. Silly little game but it keeps them from just running off, and they seem to like it, and it keeps them close to me so I LOVE it! I just have to wander what they think while they are exploring, all the things they see and touch, all new and fun things for them. They pick up everything and we usually end up with several feathers and flowers and weeds that just have to come home with us. When I think back to these pictures I remember that this was one of the first times that they really showed an interest in picking everything up and seemed to be such curious little boys scavenging around in the great outdoors. I am going to keep this short and sweet and head back to the picture disaster and start working on finding my next post. So keep reading, hopefully I will get caught up on 2011 before 2012 rolls in.
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Friday, September 2, 2011

WTH how did time fly so damn fast...

So here I am for the first time in months, ugh. I've told myself I need to get to my blog and my pictures, but ya see I have these two little guys that take up all my day and at times my nights as well, and I just have no energy for things past the have to do's like cooking, laundry, and cleaning. Well I am making the time!!! I have months of stories and pictures to share, and how in the hell am I ever going to get caught back up?!? I guess just jump in!!! So the boys are a little over two, we had our "camping" birthday party, yearly camping trip, lots of lake fun this summer, I am moving from assistant registrar to head registrar for our soccer region faster than expected, and now are just in the back to school swing of things. Ethan has started Jr. High football, which I was really nervous about, but he is loving it and seems to be doing great. I guess you just always think of you kids and "little" and things like football just scare a mama :(. Oh and he has to ride the bus each morning, holy freaking hell I am petrified of buses, they scare me and there are no seat belts!!! I know they say they are built to be safe without the seat belts but I tell ya I'm really liking the newer ones that have them. Hmmmm what else...well there is tons, I just have no idea where to start without spending hours at this laptop. I guess I could give a update on my photography, ugh busy mama + busy children =very little photography time. Really that is the saddest thing to me. The last few months I just haven't allowed myself time for what I love to do. I think about it each day, I tell myself I will make time, and then I go all day chasing toddlers, dealing with pre-teen drama, and realize I'm just to tired to attempt doing anything extra, oh and the twins do not stop running long enough for me to capture a decent shot! I do have hundreds of pictures of the kids, and tons of things we have done to share, and a few decent photographs to share, it will take me a little time to get it all caught up! So stick around because I am back to blogging and I swear my photography needs a part in my life, no matter how hard it is to find the time, I just love and miss it so much!
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