Monday, November 30, 2009

What's new...

The twins are growing and changing so fast it is so hard to believe. They are sitting on their own, interacting with each other, walking in their walkers. Oh the walkers are soooo very cute they just scoot and scoot all over. Watch out they will run you over, not to mention the poor puppy. And today Ashton started to babble "dada dada dada". Before we know it we will be hearing "dad" and "mom" awwwww how cute it will be. I am so waiting for the day they reach out for a hug. Such cute little boys we have. And Ethan wow he is changing so too. Big brother Ethan is already getting all geared up for soccer. He is planning on starting to play Spring and Fall, and possibly starting club soccer in the Summer. GO Ethan!!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh no, not again...

Ashton and Dylan have really discovered their puppy Kong. Here you can see I don't think that Kong is always so thrilled about that. Ashton is playing/pulling him. I don't think Kong minds that much he usually sits there and takes it, and rarely moves. He also is a good babysitter, when the boys are crying and I am not right by them Kong sits by them and howls at me as if to say HELLO come and help these little ones. Such a smart little doggy. He also hears them stir around in their crib and runs in to check on them, I can tell when they are awake before I even hear them, thank to Kong.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas tree is up....

We have put the tree up!!! I have been waiting to see the twinkle of Christmas lights in the twins' eyes for soooooo long. It was adorable to see their little faces light up. Dylan and Ashton didn't make it to see the tree being decorated, they were to tired. We got the tree up, lights on, and the twins put their first ornaments on, and then it was bedtime for them cranksters. This year it took ALL day to put it up will all the interruptions *2 little interruptions named Dylan and Ashton*, but we got it done. I started at 9 am in the morning and we put the star at the top at 10 pm. And wrapped presents until 1:30 am because there has to be presents under the tree the next morning you know. I have my way of doing things when it comes to putting the tree up, and everybody else just go along with it and at least act like you are enjoying it please. There has to be plenty lights, ornaments hung just so, star put on by Ethan, and present wrapped and place under tree right away to make it just right, and mom likes it done with a smile *laugh*. I know at times I go a bit overboard but I love doing this, and it makes it so special to be doing it as a family, just my way of creating wonderful family memories, someday everybody will look back and remember decorating the tree and that it what makes it all worth spending ALL day doing it. Oh and of course lots and lots of pictures need to be taken also!!!
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanksgiving is near....

Well November has pasted it's halfway mark and Thanksgiving will already be here next week. Wow how fast that went by, it doesn't even feel like fall has started with our warm weather. Well we have lots to be thankful for here in the Merry family. We have went from a family of three to a family of five with our two new additions, and they are a handful, or more like two hand fulls, but we have to be thankful that all has went well with them and the twins are two healthy, thriving, growing little boys, and Ethan is growing so fast and before we know it he will be a teenager *oh no*. I am so thankful for all my boys, and for Jeff for being the wonderful hubby and father that he is, and all he does for his family. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Puppy love

Dylan and Ashton are really starting to want to play with their puppy, Kong. They love to pet and talk to him, but often they will get a hold of his hair or collar on not let go, Kong doesn't seem to mind he just lays there and takes it.
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Look who is sitting...

Ashton started to sit on his very own yesterday!!! Dylan started to sit by himself today!!! It is so cute watching them sit and play and babble at each other. When they sit facing each other they often giggle at each other.
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Mr. Serious and Mr. Smiley goof

This is the usual picture, Dylan being serious and curiously inspecting everthing; then you have Ashton smiling away being goofy.
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Merry Monkey Gym

Dylan and Ashton playing in there Merry Monkey Gyms, and yes that is what they are really called. *laugh* The boys have really started to enjoy them lately. Dylan's favorite part is the mirror that rattles, Ashton just likes to wreck it all and knock it over on himself. Ashton is a crazy little monkey!!!
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Twin journey....

A little over a year ago we decide that maybe our family could use one more member. Well daddy and big brother have thought this all along but mom just started to agree.*laugh* About 4 weeks after deciding to expand our family, it was a sure thing, there was baby on the way! That was exciting new in itself we couldn't wait to share the news. And best of all was knowing everybody would be SOOOOOOOO shocked to hear that we had decided to have a little one. The reactions was to funny everybody was huh, no, really. Then there were a few things that made unsure all was ok so in to doctor for a early ultrasound to find the heartbeat. I was so nervous then laying there the doctor kept telling me two hearts, he said it 3 times. I said I didn't hear anything. The nurse finally pointed and said two hearts, there are two babies. ( I didn't hear anything... DUH they were saying they SAW to heartbeats on the ultrasound) I don't really remeber being shocked just relieved that everything was okay, well doubley okay. I went by myself I could not get home fast enough I just had to tell Jeff. I woke him and showed him the picture I said there is a baby, and there is another baby. He looked at me and said no way. We called my parents to tell them, but his mom well she had to be told in person. She had always said you will be the ones, you will have twins. Which was funny because for the last 9 years I swore no more kids. Well she showed us I would say.
So all was good just a few minor problems with preterm labor, but all went well and the twins made it to 36 weeks, which is great for twins. And 6 months later we have 2 beautiful baby boys. I guess somebody thought that just one more wasn't enough for us. So now we have 3 handsome boys. Before we found out that they were boys I secretly hoped they would both be boys. HEHEHEHEH


6 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! I can't believe it, it went so fast. Mom had a big plan of a party, cute pics, and laughs! Well two little boys had doctors appointments today, and them bad old nurses gave them shots. Awwww poor babies. Well we had cute outfits on but we took them off to eat, then, got cranky so mom didn't want to make it worse so we just stayed in jammies. As the cake was baking the mood went from cranky to totally ticked!! So there was a quick minute decorating job on the cake, hats thrown on and a quick tune, and a picture. Oh and they were so mad they didn't even enjoy the frosting until mommy and daddy picked them up to put them to bed. Then they decided to take a few breaks in between sobs to lick some sweetness. So babies were off to bed early and missed out on the party, but they can try again tomorrow, mommy didn't let anybody touch the cake.

Hmm what do we have here??

Awww little Ashton is wanting to dig in the toy basket and pick his own toys out. And you know what will happen then.....Dylan will take them from him!!!
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Soccer Pro

Last night Ethan and I were just talking about sports and things him and his friends play. They have been on a football kick lately. Him and a big group play everyday after school for at least 2 hours. I say yeah, no video games. Anyways Ethan informed me that he like football but he really likes soccer, and he said he want to play pro soccer. I thought that was so cute. He is such a cute little soccer player too!!!