Wednesday, November 11, 2009


6 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! I can't believe it, it went so fast. Mom had a big plan of a party, cute pics, and laughs! Well two little boys had doctors appointments today, and them bad old nurses gave them shots. Awwww poor babies. Well we had cute outfits on but we took them off to eat, then, got cranky so mom didn't want to make it worse so we just stayed in jammies. As the cake was baking the mood went from cranky to totally ticked!! So there was a quick minute decorating job on the cake, hats thrown on and a quick tune, and a picture. Oh and they were so mad they didn't even enjoy the frosting until mommy and daddy picked them up to put them to bed. Then they decided to take a few breaks in between sobs to lick some sweetness. So babies were off to bed early and missed out on the party, but they can try again tomorrow, mommy didn't let anybody touch the cake.

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