Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Our Twin journey....

A little over a year ago we decide that maybe our family could use one more member. Well daddy and big brother have thought this all along but mom just started to agree.*laugh* About 4 weeks after deciding to expand our family, it was a sure thing, there was baby on the way! That was exciting new in itself we couldn't wait to share the news. And best of all was knowing everybody would be SOOOOOOOO shocked to hear that we had decided to have a little one. The reactions was to funny everybody was huh, no, really. Then there were a few things that made unsure all was ok so in to doctor for a early ultrasound to find the heartbeat. I was so nervous then laying there the doctor kept telling me two hearts, he said it 3 times. I said I didn't hear anything. The nurse finally pointed and said two hearts, there are two babies. ( I didn't hear anything... DUH they were saying they SAW to heartbeats on the ultrasound) I don't really remeber being shocked just relieved that everything was okay, well doubley okay. I went by myself I could not get home fast enough I just had to tell Jeff. I woke him and showed him the picture I said there is a baby, and there is another baby. He looked at me and said no way. We called my parents to tell them, but his mom well she had to be told in person. She had always said you will be the ones, you will have twins. Which was funny because for the last 9 years I swore no more kids. Well she showed us I would say.
So all was good just a few minor problems with preterm labor, but all went well and the twins made it to 36 weeks, which is great for twins. And 6 months later we have 2 beautiful baby boys. I guess somebody thought that just one more wasn't enough for us. So now we have 3 handsome boys. Before we found out that they were boys I secretly hoped they would both be boys. HEHEHEHEH

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