Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas tree is up....

We have put the tree up!!! I have been waiting to see the twinkle of Christmas lights in the twins' eyes for soooooo long. It was adorable to see their little faces light up. Dylan and Ashton didn't make it to see the tree being decorated, they were to tired. We got the tree up, lights on, and the twins put their first ornaments on, and then it was bedtime for them cranksters. This year it took ALL day to put it up will all the interruptions *2 little interruptions named Dylan and Ashton*, but we got it done. I started at 9 am in the morning and we put the star at the top at 10 pm. And wrapped presents until 1:30 am because there has to be presents under the tree the next morning you know. I have my way of doing things when it comes to putting the tree up, and everybody else just go along with it and at least act like you are enjoying it please. There has to be plenty lights, ornaments hung just so, star put on by Ethan, and present wrapped and place under tree right away to make it just right, and mom likes it done with a smile *laugh*. I know at times I go a bit overboard but I love doing this, and it makes it so special to be doing it as a family, just my way of creating wonderful family memories, someday everybody will look back and remember decorating the tree and that it what makes it all worth spending ALL day doing it. Oh and of course lots and lots of pictures need to be taken also!!!
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