Monday, September 27, 2010

Paint fun...

I bought a bag of small pumpkins to place in a cute autumn basket on the dining room table, then it came to me what a crazy idea that would be. They would NEVER stay there, the twins would be crawling onto the table trying to get them all the time. So change of plans, I thought I would let them paint on them in stead, now that was a CRAZY idea!!! Actually daddy started it by painting a blue D on Dylan's chest, then putting blue wiskers on his face, well of course Ashton couldn't be left out of the goofy fun, so I put a red A on him and a brown dot on his nose, that he later smeared acoss his entire face!!! Then the fun really began as they decided that they would also paint on each other. What a disaster that was, and all done after bedtime bath, mama was really not thinking on this one at all. The mess was made, fun was had, so all is well! Things like this is what I love, crazy messed, awesome pics, and fantastic family fun and memories made! I think this is something that I will not forget, the first time the boys painted...pumpkins...and themselves...and everything else they could reach with the paint brush. Oh what fun, double the cuteness and double the mess, and double the fun!
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Just for fun...

Nice fall day, what to do??? Load up drive on down to that wonderful open space we love and shoot some photos. I had two great helpers to point out all the great little things to shoot. I found a great place early this spring to take the twins out to run and explore, and at the same time this mama can get some photos taken. Well I think I have decided to take the next step and get my photos out there for others to well as buy...HOPEFULLY. I have put this off and never thought I could do it for way to long, now it is time. I stumbled along this quote, and it gave me the boost I needed "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sale away from the safe harbor. Catch the winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." ~ Mark Twain So now I am off to catch more and more shots to put out there for the world and behind me I have a wonderful and encouraging husband, and all my boys, and what more does a person need to reach that goal and be successful. Here are my latest photos taken with the help of Dylan and Ashton leading the way!!!
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I want...he wants...

Bath time today made me stop and think about the simple things that the twins have to share, and the things they just don't get to do like singleton babies...or toddlers I guess would be more appropriate.  So here we are splishing and splashing away and a fight breaks out, Dylan is playing in the water from the faucet just having fun, then Ashton pushes his way in wanting to play in the running water.  Ugh way to simple just to take turns, well at this age they just don't grasp that concept.  So I am playing referee, a new job description for me since toddler hood, trying to get them to share and take turns having time to play in the faucet.  Yeah right it turns to pushing and shoving, then crying and pinching, then Dylan being the calm one gives in, getting forced to the side he finds a new bath toy to play with.  Before you know it Ashton has had enough and is climbing over the edge of the tub to get out, oh here we go again.  Dylan is contently playing and protest getting out of the tub, and beings there is only one of me, if one goes they both have to get out.  So I have Ashton trying to escape the bathroom, and Dylan screaming and clinging to his bath toy, such a simple thing that seems like no biggy, but they are 16 months old it is big deal and total meltdown worthy!!!  Now should I feel such guilt I can't give them both what they want?  Probably not, but I do, geesh they Dylan just wanted to play in the water, then being such a nice brother gives in to a more force full and over dramatic twin brother Ashton, then gets forced out of bath time fun all together when brother Ashton decides he has had enough bath fun.  Ya know it is always something with these two, and this just made me realize it always will be, yeah being a twin is a special thing, but in so many ways they to often pay the price to the other twins behavior or are unable to do what they really want to do at the moment due to the other twins actions.  So poor poor Mr. Dylan today, and sure there will be many more of these he wants, I want battles to come!