Monday, September 27, 2010

Paint fun...

I bought a bag of small pumpkins to place in a cute autumn basket on the dining room table, then it came to me what a crazy idea that would be. They would NEVER stay there, the twins would be crawling onto the table trying to get them all the time. So change of plans, I thought I would let them paint on them in stead, now that was a CRAZY idea!!! Actually daddy started it by painting a blue D on Dylan's chest, then putting blue wiskers on his face, well of course Ashton couldn't be left out of the goofy fun, so I put a red A on him and a brown dot on his nose, that he later smeared acoss his entire face!!! Then the fun really began as they decided that they would also paint on each other. What a disaster that was, and all done after bedtime bath, mama was really not thinking on this one at all. The mess was made, fun was had, so all is well! Things like this is what I love, crazy messed, awesome pics, and fantastic family fun and memories made! I think this is something that I will not forget, the first time the boys painted...pumpkins...and themselves...and everything else they could reach with the paint brush. Oh what fun, double the cuteness and double the mess, and double the fun!
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