Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a walk...

It was such a nice fall day today so we decided to take the boys for a walk.  We left the stroller at home and Jeff and I each took a hand and off we went to the park.  The boys made it about two blocks then they wanted to sit and play with the rocks in the road hehehe.  We picked the lil' goofs up and carried them the rest of the way, and then off the went running as soon as we entered the park.  The first discovery was pine cones grabbing up as many as they could then handing them off to mama and daddy, then a pile of dirt, then off to the new favorite park thing...THE SLIDE weeeeeeeeeeeeee.  Dylan being my lil' goof that he is likes to go down head first on his tummy, Ashton is a bit scared of the big slide but still insists on going down.  Each time he goes he get scared halfway down and tries to put the breaks on, which is so funny to watch until he decided to try to turn over to crawl up in midway down and bonked his poor head on the side of it.  Poor poor Ashn' Co Co.  He soon got over that bonk and was up and running full speed after puppy Kong.  He grabbed him by the leash and walked him around and around the ball fields...SO CUTE!  It is just amazing how little things like a pile of pine cones and a dog leash can be so fascinating and fun.  After a hour of climbing, sliding, and running it was time to go home...sad babies.  We get about half way home and discover a HUGE caterpillar in the middle of the road, of course we have to stop to explore (good thing we live in a small town with NO traffic with all this interest in the roads).  So the boys want to see it, I want to snap a pic of it on something other than the ugly road, so daddy scoops it up and we start off home once again.  Then *laughing* Jeff drops the poor caterpillar and says "ooo it is getting me and I don't like it".  I have never laughed so hard, I swear I laughed all the way home.  This coming from a man that will touch or pick up anything, and fears pretty much nothing.  This big fat juicy caterpillar is freaking him out, I am still laughing at this soooooooooooooo darn funny daddy.  So here we are walking home, Jeff squirming holding this thing, twins are laughing just as hard as mama, and the dog is wondering what the heck all the commotion is about.  What I site we must have been.  A few drops later, Dylan trying to carry it but Jeff insisting it is going to "honk" him one ( I am laughing writing this), and Ashton reaching for it, gets it, and squeezes the thing half to death.  We are all NO NO NO NO Ashton, so he drops it and looks confused, like huh, what, I got this daddy!!!  We finally make it home, put in on my flowers and I have a dog in one hand a baby on the other arm, and fumbling my camera trying to get a shot of the biggest, fattest, most beautiful caterpillar I have ever saw, needless to say I did not get the shots I wanted.  Not only was I juggling way to many things,  this thing was fast, he was off and running, okay not running but crawling FAST!  Who can blame this poor thing that saw his life flash before his eyes at least 10 time on this 4 block journey.  I got a couple of shots, then poor he disappears into, well, I don't know where, I am assuming in my flowers somewhere.  So our caterpillar journey  end here, but we will remember this walk for a long time to come, just sad Ethan was in school and missed this one, he would have carried it no problem.

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