Monday, November 30, 2009

What's new...

The twins are growing and changing so fast it is so hard to believe. They are sitting on their own, interacting with each other, walking in their walkers. Oh the walkers are soooo very cute they just scoot and scoot all over. Watch out they will run you over, not to mention the poor puppy. And today Ashton started to babble "dada dada dada". Before we know it we will be hearing "dad" and "mom" awwwww how cute it will be. I am so waiting for the day they reach out for a hug. Such cute little boys we have. And Ethan wow he is changing so too. Big brother Ethan is already getting all geared up for soccer. He is planning on starting to play Spring and Fall, and possibly starting club soccer in the Summer. GO Ethan!!!!

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