Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Big Party...

I planned and planned for months this great big party with tons of guest and lots of fun. Now the party has come and gone, and as the night goes on Dylan and Ashton's Birthday is coming to an end as well. It was a great party with great decorations, cake, family and friends, and lots of presents, but most important two babies that have grown into little boys in this short time. Why such a big celebration??? Well there are many reasons, one is that it is a big deal to turn 1, another it was a great reason to get the family together and meet the twins and share this day of celebration with them *the more the merrier*, and really in a way it was just to celebrate that we made it and how far we have come. The sleepless nights of being up with two crying babies, not knowing what they wanted or needed, and now I have to little boys who play and "talk", and walk and run, and show so much love and it has all been worth it!!! It has been hard, it has been wonderful, it has been stressful, and it has been amazing to watch these two learn and grow in leaps and bounds. It is so qleche, but it seems like only yesterday they were propped up in their Boppy's drinking bottles every two hours, and now they are walking all over and sitting at the table having meals with the family. I swore I would not miss the baby stages, and I am not sure I would like to revisit those crazy first few months but I do wish that they weren't such a blur *exhaustion*, but I did find myself having a hard time with the thought of today ending, as if tomorrow will be any different, but it's just one more milestone that has come and gone. Silly really but it is as if they were babies yesterday but now they are 1 and are little boys. So as I kissed my boys goodnight I told them night night my birthday boys and tucked them in, knowing that there will be no more birthday planning, no more singing and cake, and now more birthday kisses for an entire year, I am sure it will be here before I know it. But we had a great day, it was lots of fun, and the party turned out great, and the year is over, we made it!! It is hard for people who don't have twins to understand just how it is (twin moms refer to the first year as survival year), and how everything instantly becomes so much more complicated, how hard it is to care for both of them AT THE SAME TIME, and how at times it felt like I couldn't give them both the amount of attention they deserve so for me a big party was in order. My boys are growing and though still things are very complicated at times I don't feel stretched so thin, they aren't as needy so I can just sit and play or read a book with them and give them each a little one on one time, which is something I struggled with in the early months. It seemed impossible one of them wanted something all the time, and at the same time, it seemed like there was no time to just sit and play, read, or sit and snuggle. So here is to the next year being even better, more fun times, more family fun times!!! I love all my boys and am really looking forward to this next year, and this summer, and being able to do more and get out more and take Ethan more places again.
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