Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another One of Ethan...

Every time I blog I look for some shots of Ethan, but have a hard time finding them due to him being off with the guys most the time. Today I got a good one!!! We went to the Camp Pawnee to check out the place again before the twins' birthday party to see what all we need to decorate, and while we were there we took some time to play around and shoot some pictures. I had my nieces with me as well, so they were running around and hiding behind the trees, I knew if I shot enough I would catch an AWESOME shot of Ethan, and I did, and some of my nieces as well. A little background on me and my picture taking is in order I think. Well I take tons of pictures at ever event, or place we go. We go on a walk and I grab my camera, we go in the backyard to play, yup the camera goes too. I have so many pictures I take literally hundreds, some times thousands in a month, depending on what we do in a month. Oh and if we go camping or fishing there may be a hundred in one day. Anyways I have always loved taking pictures, if I could pick a dream job... photography would be it. Now I have tons and tons of pictures on my computer and what to do with them??? I started this blog to share pictures and stories of things that we do as a family, and plan to print it into a hardbound book each year, which this year has been more about surviving with the twins, but I just started photo editing. So far I am loving playing around with my pictures to make them more original and be a little more exciting.
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