Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Amazing that we have lived just a few miles from this spot for years now and never stopped to check it out.  Why???  My guess would be we thought we were to busy, or would do it another day.  Well now the boys and me are always up for an adventure.  What more do we have to do???  This place was so beautiful, these pictures don't even begin to show it, I had a baby in my arms for most of the walk so I didn't get near as many pictures as I wanted, but we WILL go back for more.  So previously I had school work, or something to keep me busy all day, now I have the twins and Ethan, and the twins get very bored just sitting around the house, as does mama, so we get out as much as we can.  We go for walks, to the park, and now good ole google is showing us some history is in the area so...LETS GO EXPLORE!!!  This place is part of the Mormon Trail, it is a gorgeous park with a pond, well several if they fill the rest of them, big pretty trees, flowers, and clay sculptures.  There was wide open spaces to run and play so the boys were off, all four of them,  Ethan brought a friend, and then of course the twins, and ya know they all went in separate directions, ugh this mama was sore the next day from carrying these lunkers all over.  It is so hard to take the twins places, but I will continue to do it, for them as well as for me!!!  We need to get out, and there is so much for us to see, and it is worth all the trouble just to see them smile and run and have fun where ever we go.  And for me, well it gives me great things to take pictures of, and then play around with later.  Oh if I only had more time I would do way more edits on my pictures, but dang I sit down and sort through my pics and before I know it it is 11:00 pm, and the boys get up around 6:00 am so much later than that and I would be hurting the next day.  I keep taking them and editing a few here and there, one day I will take some time and do something really grand with them!!!  Something about having twins and turning 29 that gets you back into 'a much loved hobby, call it a mid-life semi crisis.  Not so much a full crisis, but you realize what time you wasted, and how much more I really could have accomplished before the twins.   Now I am pretty tied down with them, and I wish I would have done more for myself when I had the chance.  Ethan was in school all day, I had my school work, but I had extra time as well, I could have been out taking all sorts of pictures, I could have been at the gym each day, I could have done so much!!!  But I didn't so here I am balancing the twins and doing things for myself, and am crazy busy trying to balance it all.  But what I have found is in the beginning I took not time for myself, it was all about the boys 24/7 and I was a wreck of a mama, and now I take time a few mornings a week to hit the gym, and I get out with the boys to walk, go to the park, or take some snapshots, and a  hour or so each night to sort through my pictures, learn more about them, and play around with a bit of editing here and there.  And you know I am a much better mama for it, and I would say wife too, I was getting a bit grumpy...poor hubby!!!



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