Sunday, August 22, 2010

We survived it...

We had our big week long camping trip and we survived!!!  Okay to be honest the twins stayed at grandma and granpa's for two nights, and that gave us some time for some much needed relaxation, time with Ethan one night, and one night with just Jeff and I.  I was expecting more out of the trip, but I guess I really should have know a trip with the twins would be difficult to say the least.  I had a list of things that I wanted to accomplish and for the most part I got to most everything, the list was a day on my "big ass" floaty" with Ethan and Jeff, a night of fishing with Jeff, and roasting marshmallows with all the boys.  Well we had an evening to fish just Jeff and I, but it wasn't how I envisioned it but still was nice to have the night alone.  Really I should have known you don't just sit, talk, and fish, but we still had a chance to talk and hang out childless which is always nice.  One night we just had Ethan with us and that was the night I was most looking forward to... just the three of us, like old times, well Ethan got a stomach ache and spent most the night in the camper while Jeff and I sat by the campfire *I GOT SOME AWESOME PICTURES OF THAT*, I really hate that Ethan wasn't feeling better to enjoy some time with us.  Now the "big ass" floaty, oh hell yeah that was the best part of it all!!! I was a carefree sun loven' mama for a few hours, I have literally been looking forward to that since the twins were born.  I have no clue what it is but if I could choose to do most anything in would be sit on my floaty, in the sun, on a beautiful lake, and just chill watching Ethan and Jeff do what ever it is they may decide to do in between chilln' with me and swimming.  This trip they were catching shad with the throw net, what a sight.  It was one of those moments for the father son scrapbook!!!  Ugh which reminds me we have two more sons to add, geesh I barely got the one son done in it. *laugh*  So if I had to rate the trip I would say, minus all the stress I really didn't need to put on myself, it was an eight!!!  Now the saddest part is it was the last trip in our lil' camper *sad*, we have outgrown it to say the least!  Two beds for the five of us is way way way cramped, and there was no where near the storage we needed, but we had it for five years and sold it for more than we bought it for so I would say we came out on top.  I know it was what we needed and we will end up with a nicer camper, but it was sad to see it get pulled away, and it is so odd to come home and see no camper parked out back.  Oh I hope we find a new one before next May, I am hoping for a Daddy BDay camping trip!!!  So really the summer has ended for this family and we just have to look forward to next year and the new and fun things that will come for us, and hope that next summer is less stressful and a bit more fun that this one was. 

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