Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I feel so bad that I can't...or don't take the boys out more, it is just so hard on my own when they run in opposite directions from me. Besides it being hard it is down right scary, really I can not be in two places at once no matter how hard I try. Anyways, the point of this blog is I have been wanting to take the twins here with daddy for months at it has been extremely hot, or the mosquitoes would eat you alive so we haven't made it. One time this spring we went with big brother and one of his friends, which met the last thing brother wanted to do was help chase babies...excuse me toddlers *laugh*, I did get some amazing photos last time, which is hard to believe with all the chasing that was going on. We finally had a cool, breezy, mosquitoe-less day and we hit the spot!!! It is just a wide open area of trees, flowers, and some wild turkeys and a peacock and it is gorgeous. We unloaded out of the Suburban and it was instant woo we are free, and the chase was on for this mama and Dada. It was sweet to see, I have had a rough few days, well months but the last few days have been non to be desired with all the attitude and tantrums going on and daddy at work. Grrrrr damn that night shift!! So babies off and running through the tall grass and weaving in and out of the trees, not knowing which way to go next, so much to see and explore, they picked up leaves, sticks, and feathers, well Dylan did anyways heehee. So there is a story behind these pictures of the feathers that I swear I will never forget. I am following Ashton (in the green) and daddy has Dylan (in the navy), Ashton and I come across this feather, bends down, reaches............and a breeze blows the feather and it completely flips in the air, that was that NO WAY was he touching it. Ashton takes a couple of steps back, does his (impossible to explain how cute this is) oh no...ah...what... how...gasp...(pic 2)telling you something with hes blah goo aha blabs and has this look of shock and wonder on his face then walks around the feather. This has to go down as one of the most precious, cute, and funny moments, and so I picked up the feather and we walked on to find daddy and Dylan. We walk and come across daddy and Dylan and they too have found a wild turkey feather, daddy points it out and Dylan could really care less just looks and starts pointing at the log (pic 1)and "talking" about who knows what, but me as the complete photo taking junkie I am has to get a photo with Dylan and his feather too I pick up the feather and show them both and set it back down and they both just stare at it like what is that silly thing and why on earth does mama want us to see it so badly (pic 3). Really it was simple chain of events but I found it to be so sweet and just what I needed after a weekend of stress-filled days with daddy at work and me on my own. I seem like they just know...okay we have been terribly hard on mama now we need to have some moments of sweetness to balance it all out and make her think awwww. I know that is a bit far fetched but that is the way it works every time, I get to that how in the hell can I do this moment and then it just becomes clear that this is just life, and all the rough times pass and lead up to these sweet moments that hold a dear place in this mamas heart and will forever be in my memories.  I loved having the boys out and watching their minds just go all over with wonder and exploring every leaf, tree, and even stickers *OUCH*.  I just have to tell myself these hard times shall pass, but with it will be all these first and new discoveries. 
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