Friday, July 30, 2010

Sometimes you have to put the camera down...

Being home all the time is really driving me crazy, so I have been trying to get away more now that all of Ethan's sports are done for a bit.  With the twins it is hard to get away, and I feel like a huge burden where ever I go, they are soooooooo much work.  I know I am always welcome at my parents and they don't mind the craziness that comes with our visits, so we pack up and head west 110 miles.  The packing sucks, the drive sucks more, but it is so worth it to have a little help and company, oh and be less than 10 miles from a gorgeous lake!  I have been going to that lake my entire life and love it, I love sharing the beauties of it with my boys and hope that they grow and appreciate it as I have.  I always say I can't wait until I have to get four camp sites, one for us and one for each of our boys and their families, oh I hope that is how it all works out for us!!!  Well a typical day for us while we are there is go in and out all day and swim, run through the sprinkler, and play in the yard, then in the evening load up and head out to the lake and play in the sand and splash in the lake.  I have a huge addiction to taking photographs, and I always scared I am going to sit my camera down and miss the cutest shot, but sometimes I just have to put the camera down and have fun and play.  Each time I go I come home with 300 to 500 photographs to sort through, I can't help myself they are such cuties *laugh*.   I couldn't pick just one or two pictures to share on my blog so I made a slide show of a few of my favorites.  I can't wait for our next trip there in a week and a half.  YEAH our big camping trip of the year, a week all together!!!  This will be our first trip of the year and I am a bit nervous on how this is going to work out with the twins sleeping without their cribs.  I know they will have fun, they love it there, they even got to the point that as soon as they see the beach and water they squirm and want down to take of and run and play.  They have it all figured out now!!!  I have so much planned and I can't even imagine the amount of photos I will come home with after this trip!

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