Friday, July 9, 2010

Precious Moments...

There are moments that may seem so trivial to some, but to a mother are monumental and totally unforgettable.  Just a few hours ago I had one of those precious moments with the twins, I was preparing to dress them for the day just as I do each day, lay out the outfits and say "which one you want" and watch them come and grab an outfit.  Really it is just funny because here they are 14 months old and I am asking which one they want *laugh*, well basically I started doing this because I couldn't decide who should wear what, silly I know, but it stuck and they seem to like it and they usually pick the same outfits each time so they apparently do have a preference, and amazingly enough they rarely pick the same so we have little arguments, but it is a first come first served type of thing :)  So here I am sitting on the floor with a blue outfit with airplanes and a orange outfit with race cars in front of me and I say "which one you want" and here comes my Mr. Dylan all smiles (he has the most precious smile and voice) and he looks right at me and says "mama" then gives me a hug, then sits on my lap and grabbed for the blue top with the airplanes on it and just sits there so sweetly.   Just as Dylan has chosen his outfit here comes my Ashton Cole with is cute little facial expressions and his hot shot walk (he has this walk he does when he is trying to be cute, as if he has to "try") and he plops down on my lap and leans his head onto my shoulder and reached for the orange top with the race cars.  So here I sit two lil' boys sitting on my lap snuggling me up and giving me love.  And what is so funny about the choice of outfits was that Ashton is my crazy run all over boy so race cars are rather fitting for him, and Dylan is my thinker.   Wow if that wasn't enough to just make my day, and even now after 14 months there are times where it is still like REALLY there are TWO of them!!!  It is a crazy feeling that I can't begin to explain, just a special feeling to have twins.  And we can't forget about Ethan, he has his moments too.  There are so many times that he walks up to me, out of the blue, and gives me a hug and says, "you are the best mom in the whole world".  AWW for a boy that is nearly 11 to do that, I must have done something right he is such a sweet boy sometimes.  Then there are the moments I hear him playing with his brothers, tickling and hugging them saying "why you got to be so cute brothers".  How sweet is that???!!!  Then there is the time that just cracked me up, he said to me, mom you know how some people think their babies are cute...but ....they aren't really, well my brothers ARE really cute right?!?!  It was so damn funny the way he said it like he didn't want to be rude and say babies aren't cute but like he really was genuinely wandering.  Got to love the questions kids come up with.  He is such a great big brother!!!  I LOVE ALL MY BOYS!!! And even though there are times I feel like I could very well go crazy, I know I am so blessed to have them all, and such a great hubby to go with it!

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