Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thomas is back in the house...

Awwww I remember when Ethan played with his trains all of the time, and Thomas was on TV daily (really after all these years I still know the theme song laugh*) We had Thomas birthday parties, Thomas bedding, Thomas toys for birthday, Christmas, and of course just because. Jeff and I used to go into the store with Ethan and watching him go crazy over all the Thomas things he wanted to add to his collection. I could never bring myself to get rid of his trains, they are the wood ones (a bit expensive I may add), figured someday he could do what ever he wanted with them. Who would have thought we would have two more lil' Thomas fans in the house to put them to good use. They already watch Thomas on the TV and they smile (here we go again round #2 and #3 for Thomas in this house), I can see already that this Thomas collection will be growing more. One question remains who will keep the track when they get older, who will claim it as theirs. Hmmm???? Really it just brought back so many memories seeing it set up, little blond Ethan awwwww so cute he was, now all grown into a handsome double digit as he calls it (10 year old). And see the crane in the picture Ethan wanted that sooooooo bad, it is Cranky the crane he was a cute but "cranky" character Ethan just had to have for his collection. I am excited to start the Thomas phase all over again. Shhh don't tell but Thomas was always my favorite phase.

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  1. I thought with having a little girl that I'd be spared the Thomas obsession, but apparently not...she loves "Toot toot" as she calls him. We will go to Hollywood video and they have free kids rentals, and she always picks out a Thomas DVD. In fact her first sentence was "I watch Toot Toot." Luckily I don't think she knows that there are "Toot Toot" toys.