Thursday, December 3, 2009

Not one but two...

That is what Jeff and I said to each other all through my pregnancy. It still is amazing when I sit and watch them to think wow "not one but two". Each day they have learned something new, or have a cute thing they get stuck on and do all day, they are growing from babies into little boys so quickly. We have had many rough patches with no sleep, the fussiness, the reflux, and the formula issues, but it is all worth it to see moments like this, as they sit and play with each other. It is so amazing to see how they are discovering each other and learning to play with each other, and to see their SO VERY different personalities shine through. Ashton by far is the more aggressive give it or I will take it type, and Dylan sits back and investigates each toy so patiently and when Ashton takes it from him, he moves on to the next toy. They are truely amazing little people that are so precious and we are truely blessed to have not one, but two precious little boys. Having two babies does come with many challenges to overcome and I am day by day trying to tackle them; the lack of sleep is a killer, to get up every hour or two then have to function to take care of them and deal with the crazy schedule of having twins is so hard. Also everything has changed so much, we were so used to just going and doing what we wanted like packing up and enjoying a nice day of fishing just Jeff and I, oh how I miss those days, or deciding at the last minute to pack up the camper and take Ethan camping for the night, or something as simple as sitting to watch a movie together. All of these things seemed so trivial, but now it's just hard to get packed up to head to the store. Two babies are far from twice as hard as one, it is balancing all of the things that need to be done times two but not having a spare moment to get things done because not always do they decide they want to nap or be content without you at the same time, oh and not just having to feed two screaming fussy babies but to do it at the same time. I would be lying to say it has all been pleasant, and that I don't really miss the time we all used to have together and the things we could do, and how we always rush and hurry just to get everything done and just seem to get through the day really sucks at times, and never getting a moment to myself or to just kick back and relax with Jeff, but I wouldn't change a thing even if I could. We will get through all this hectic stuff and be doing those things together again and it will be three times the fun with our three boys to enjoy it with.
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