Friday, January 7, 2011

Times Two...

Why do I take as many photographs as I do? Simple I have an obsession with letting a single moment slip by unrecorded. Here is a sample of one of those moments, one that years from now I may have forgotten, but by taking this photo I will always remember just how precious the twins were on there first ride out on their new tricycles they got for Christmas! All the craziness that has poured into my life the last couple of years will not easily be forgotten, but moments like these are ones that should be remembered forever. Each day something new for them, so many undiscovered things, that something as simple as taking a ride on their trikes filled their minds with wonder as they explored one of the new fun things of toddler hood. So I guess I can take all the guff that I get when I say just wait I want one more shot, I know once laid out in print they always understand and appreciate the moment that I have captured. And as look through my photos and begin to do the hours of sorting, saving, and backing up, I get to relive the precious moments and the chaos of the day seems to fade from my mind as it is filled with awe and amazement on just how precious and wonderful my life is.
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  1. It's great to take LOTS of pictures. They will look back and thank you for everything! I only wish we had a camera besides our phones to take pictures for the girls. I feel like I don't take enough! hehe, either way your little ones are so adorable with the long blonde hair!

  2. Great pictures! And I totally agree ;)

  3. What a great shot... (= and I TOTALLY agree... I have over 15000 pics uploaded on Picasa (YET to be organized /sigh/) and my gremlins are ONLY 3 bwahahahahaha BUT I KNOW they will appreciate it one day.. When we were kids we lost EVERYTHING including baby photos in a fire, and then ll our teenage stuff was stolen... I know I'd give ANYTHING right now to have even a SHRED from my childhood.. (=

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