Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Each day brings something new...

During my journey of being a twin mom I have had many new lessons to motherhood.  Ethan was never this much work, never so destructive and into everything.  With these two I have had to completely rearrange my life and my house, nothings is left untouched.  I have put things away, I have packed things and put them into storage, I have moved, stacked, put up high, ugh I swear I am so sick of moving things from here to there just for them to find them in the end anyways.  So what is our newest of frustrations...Mr. Dylan climbing out of his crib.  Oh my word what next!?!?  I am at a total loss, I do not think they are ready for toddler beds, and I know I AM NOT!  They are far from listening, and now my one days moment of peace is gone, I can no longer put them in bed and just relax, I am on edge scared he will fall out to the point I swear I woke up over a dozen times last night.  Now I have to toddler proof one more room... theirs, shelves need to be acred to the walls, and the top of the shelf cleared.  I know who doesn't toddler proof their room, well me I guess they never play in there, and we don't keep their toys in there, just cribs and clothes.  One more thing for this mama to do, and one more thing to frazzle me.  I swear they have aged me 10 years at least, ugh TWINS YA GOT TO LOVE EM'!

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  1. I'm new to your blog & I must say that your twins are so so adorable! I've always wanted twins :-) You are blessed!

    Happy Happy New Year!