Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Birthday #2...

Wow a little slow on the post here, and now doing so great on getting caught up either! The twins had their second birthday party at the same place we held their 1st, at a beautiful camping area with lots of wide open space for all to run! We had the party on May 8, and I was so worried of it being cold or raining, um it was almost 90 degrees. As you can see in the picture the boys were warm and rosy cheeked, as was everybody else. I had a camping theme all drummed up, but I didn't get the supplies ordered in time, and we didn't get our camper ready in time either; a common occurrence around here for the last two years, things going undone!!! But the boys were so into Toy Story (watched it more times a day than I can count) so that was our theme, we still did the campfire, which wasn't as appealing as I had planned for 60 or 70 degree weather but still fun, we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, played sand volleyball, did some fishing, and had a great afternoon and evening with the family playing games and getting caught up. I am one to take advantage of family time, if I have everybody gathered for a birthday party, I'm going to do all I can to make it fun for everybody, because we don't all gather near as much as we should. I love getting all the cousins together and letting them spend a day together, it's all about the kids for me.
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