Friday, January 8, 2010

A little upate...

We had a wonderful Christmas with our family. We had lots and lots of snow so that kept us home most of the time, but it was great all just being together. I loved Jeff having all that time off, it was a great vacation for me *laugh*. He has now went back to work, and I tell you did I have a awakening. First of all I had for got how difficult it was caring for the twins on my own, secondly since the time Jeff took off work and went back they had became mobile. Really in need of a baby cage now for sure!!! A little update on the twins...Dylan has really discovered how all his toys work, he is suck a thinker and investigator. He is scooting, pulling his self to his knees along things *so close to standing, for sure in the next couple days*, he is so vocal. He says mama, dada, and nana, and several other yammerings. Dylan is also my lil giggle box, he has such a cute smile and giggle. Ashton is my Mr. On The Go, he is crawling all over the place, pulling his self up on everything, and is now also walking along the couch. Ashton is saying mainly only dada and squealing like crazy. He is my goofy one, he gets all ornery and snorts and laughs and bounces. He also likes to pick on Dylan, he pulls his hair and pinches him *sad*, he also pinches mom and dad. They have had to be separated into their own cribs, and no longer lay by each other and hold hands :( now they don't hold still long enough to snuggle. Oh one thing than neither of them have mastered is to sleep through the night, now that will be a trick that impresses mommy the most!!! It has been a long 8 months, and they have grown so fast, but it is so great to see them sit and play and interact with each other. They are also really into big brother Ethan, they watch every move that he makes, and they love to play with him. They play mega blocks, and with the baby toys, and they also chase him in the walkers. You just wait big brother until they are up on their feet, they will be chasing you and into all your toys.

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